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Waking up, walking around, nothing is ever good enough he thinks, nothing is ever right, I can never please him no matter how hard I try.
Walking into the washroom he sees the one he hates.
"Why is nothing ever good enough? Why can't I make you happy? Why when I look at you I feel only hate? Nothing you do ever makes me feel any better! All you do is make people hate me! I will show you! You can only hurt me one more time!" he screams into the face of his tormentor.
Now smiling with cut wrists he looks lazily at the hated image in the mirror...
Slowly falling to the floor, feeling sleepy...ever so sleepy, he remembers all he did...all the ones HE loved...too bad...too late...
im bad at writing so hey dont grill me i just wrote this after i had a huge fight which ended up in a real fight after. i left town that same night a little drunk and hitch hiked 450km to another town with everything i own and was thinkin up things in my head while i was pissed off. i dont ever plan on killin myself but that is why i wrote this as in the end if you do it there is no goin back and there are a lot of things you can do in life.
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Submitted on
May 29, 2008
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Mature Content